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Explaining Canada: A Primer For Yanks
Ken Stange
Published by Two Cultures Press (2014)

Explaining Canada is a humorous and satirical contemporary guide to Canada intended for both American and Canadian readership. It deals with the cultural differences between Canada and America, including the arts, politics, ethnicity, and attitudes.  Of course nobody can really explain Canada. Americans might find some of the remarks about their country's idiosyncrasies annoying, just as Canadians might object to the description of Canada's quirks. The author justifies his perspective on the basis of having spent the first several decades of his life in The States and the remaining decades north of the border. His insights into the notable differences between these countries are only possible for an immigrant.

Two Cultures Press (2014)
ISBN: 978-0-9809273-1-1
Softcover (6x9 inches) 126 pages.
Signed by author edition: $18 (with free shipping!)

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Explaining Canada: A Primer For Yanks

Explaining Canada: A Primer For Yanks (2014)


From section "Beer: The Real Story"
Many a thirsty visitor from south of the border has been stunned, shocked, and appalled to find he can't pick up a six pack for his bedtime snack or Sunday brunch. Most beer stores do not open until 10 a.m. and lock up tight no later than 10 p.m.
Furthermore, until recently beer stores were closed on Sunday—although now they deign to open for 3 or 4 hours on Sunday afternoon, presumably after everyone is safely home from church and ready for a little of the hair of the dog that bit them Saturday night. And on certain National Holidays, when one would think it is most reasonable to relax with a brew, they have their lights out and doors secured.
What about those Liquor Stores?
Sorry! These generally keep the same hours—or occasionally are even more likely to have a large CLOSED sign posted when you most desire some booze.

Well at least there must be a lot of these 'beer stores' around, even if they keep limited hours, since Canucks are notorious beer consumers. Right? Wrong! I live in a community of 55 thousand people. We only have three beer stores and two of them close early. Yes, we do sometimes have lines at closing time—especially before a Holiday lockdown—but going to one of these beer stores usually isn't like queuing up for hours at the market in Soviet-era Moscow. Often one is the only customer. The Beery Canuck Myth needs some addressing.
This brings me to another notable point: the Canuck's superiority complex about beer—both consumption and appreciation. Unfortunately the reality is a bit disillusioning. The hard fact is that Yanks actually drink more beer per capita than Canucks. Neither, however, are even in the running re beer consumption when places like Ireland or England or Germany or The Czech Republic are in the competition. Virtually all Czechs—men, women and children—drink beer in this wonderful country, drink beer all the time.

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