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Two Cultures Press is a small independent publisher, as well as a redistribution point for all of Ken Stange's books. TC Press's own initial publication wasColonization of A Cold Planet, a verse play for voices that originally appeared in Penumbra Press’s Northward Journal—and now is available in book format. Publications in 2014 include Going Home: Cycling Through The Heart Of America, Explaining Canada: A Primer For Yanks, and the Secret Agents trilogy. Two Cultures Press has also published a minute or two / without remembering by Claudia Coutu Radmore.

Two Cultures Press is not currently accepting manuscript submissions.

The Online Bookstore offers (in both digital and hardcopy formats) all of Ken Stange's published books (by various publishers) that are available in limited and signed editions, as well as all Two Cultures Press’s own publications.

The Artshop subpage makes available for purchase prints of visual artworks by Ken Stange, works that integrate art, science and poetry, as well as limited edition hardbound, full colour, quality art books..

This is the About subpage.

The Contact subpage contains information on contacting Two Cultures Press either by email or snail mail.

The Search subpage will eventually make it posible to search this site based on keywords.

The Links subpage contains pointers to the works of various writers, artists and scientists who share this philosophy of reconciliation between the two cultures of art and science.

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