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The following entirely idiosyncratic, and ever evolving, list of links are to recommended resourses consistent with the underlying philosophy of Two Cultures Press and supportive of those committed to reconciling the artificial division of art and science.

Crossing Lines, the first major anthology of poetry by men and women who grew up in the U.S. and then emigrated to Canada during the Vietnam War era (1965-75).

Penumbra Press, publisher of Northern themed material of every kind, be it scientific, artistic, or historical.

Nebula Netzine, an independent arts & science unperiodical, the electronic reincarnation of Nebula Magazine (the hardcopy literary mag that published from 1975 through 1983). Each issue of Nebula contains a single feature reflecting the eclectic and idiosyncratic interests of its editor, Ken Stange.

TED - Ideas Worth Spreading, a site with downloadable videos of 20 minute talks by creative individuals given at an annual conference.  These talks cover every conceivable domain of creative human endeavour.  No bias here for or against science or art of any creative activity! A gold mine of ideas.

Wired, a magazine that eptitomizes the coming together of art and science.  Consistently intelligent and insightful, Wired is wired into the newest technology and science and to the leading edge of artistic innovation and experimentation.

Stange's Gallery, a gallery of digital art works by Ken Stange that often integrate science, literature and visual art.

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