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The Two Cultures Artshop

offers limited edition art books and monoprints by Ken Stange.

Limited Edition Art Books

   These books are all special limited editions, numbered and signed by the artist, with individualized dedications, if requested. These books are carefully designed by the artist and made to last. They are printed on high quality paper and the images are full-colour and high resolution.  The premier release is Travellers In Europa.

Limited Edition Art Monoprints

   The Two Cultures Artshop will soon be offering some monoprints of the artist’s works for online sales.

   The artist’s primary medium is the digital image, but for every digital piece completed, he runs a maximum of ten high-quality inkjet prints, with each of the prints individualized. Thus no two prints of a work are exactly the same (hence the term monoprints), although all are based on the same original image. They differ in size, colour variation, paper format, or some variable that does not distort the original image, but makes each print unique. The works offered online will be already mounted and framed by the artist to match his conception of the best presentation. The online price will include the cost of the mounting, framing and shipping.

   Anyone interested in selecting a specific art work or series should carefully peruse the complete collection at and then send an email to with an indication of which work(s) are being considered, Including information as to preferred size range, acceptable price range, whether desired framed or unframed. Allow one week for a price list to be compiled and sent by return email of still available monoprints approximately meeting the requested criteria. (No obligation to purchase is implied by any such query, and the email address of the person asking for information will deleted once the reply is sent.)

About The Artist

    Ken Stange, while originally and primarily a writer, has been creating visual art since 1987 with graphics tools on his personal computer.  Monoprints of his digital works have been exhibited in numerous juried shows and are in numerous public and private collections.  His most recent solo exhbition was in 2009 at the WKP Kennedy Gallery.  Back in 1996 Penumbra Press published a book of his some of his early art works which included explanations and explications of each work, as well as an introductory essay on the relationship of art and science.  Always interested in the interface between the visual and literary arts, he considers the computer the most appropriate medium with which to explore this colourful 'gray' area, and even calls his visual artworks digital or computer 'poems', because they contain important textual elements.  A gallery of his total oeuvre to date is online at  Complete biographical information is online at

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