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Love Is A Grave
Ken Stange
Published by Nebula Press (1978)

Long out of print, this first book by Stange is a collection of poems as much about lust as love, as much about death as about love, as much about death as the 'little death'.  The title is a reference to Plato’s famous statement that “love is a grave mental illness”.  And there is no immunization.

The original edition is out of print but is now available in inexpensive downloadable PDF format.

Nebula Press (1978)
ISBN: 0920142-01-X
Now available only as…
Downloadable PDF Book
(64 pages plus original cover)

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Love Is A Grave (1978)


Natural Law
On a blue-green lake in the first acute angles of spring,
we set our nets, illegal as incest,
take quite more than our share—
a lesson to others
on evolution.
When the summer green acres are ripe, we light our fires
at one-mile intervals across the scorched
dry forests—jack pines
will later germinate
in the ashes.
Then in autumn's arrogant display at death we hunt
the deer together, never touching
the lovely corpses—
rotting enriches
the soil.
When winter comes we are at rest
And love all night in the white waste of each other.



One within the other
Circle within circle
Garden within the wall
House within the garden
She within the house
The garden?
She waits with back bent
The curve of her belly
As cruel as the arc of a vulture
Its arched back taut
As his anxious abdomen
Her belly?
She walks in the garden
She walks in small tight circles
He waits in the house
As the vulture waits
It is growing growing
A circle?

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