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Travellers In Europa
Ken Stange

Two Cultures Press (2009)
ISBN: 978-0-9809273-4-4


11 by 9 inches

20 full colour pages

Signed and numbered

Optional dedication

Limited edition of 50

Price: $50

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Advice To Travellers (1994)


The works in this book are from a series ("Construction 93") which have as their foundation photographs taken during numerous travels in Europe.  They could be considered character sketches of imaginary people in real places.. The computer is my primary medium. I begin work on a piece by creating 'electronic brushes'.  This is done by free-hand drawing with a computer mouse, by programming graphic representations of mathematical formulae, or by digitizing photographic and 'live' images. I then create the artwork by drawing with these 'brushes' using a computer paint program. The text usually is added last as a response to the composition of the visual image, for as a writer (and in accordance with my aesthetic regarding my visual art) text is a part of all my work.

Ken Stange

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